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I have lost count of the number of couples who have come into my office struggling with the aftermath of infidelity. But I can count on one hand the number of couples who have recovered - and gone on to strengthen their marriage - from the wound inflicted by one spouse upon this shared covenant. More than five of the couples have stayed married, a tribute to human endurance. But only five of the couples have been able to build a new marriage from the wreckage caused by adultery...

Very few of us get up in the morning and say, "I just can't wait to get angry today and make life miserable for someone!" But most of us will encounter anger sometime during the day. Our perfect plans for success and happiness will be thwarted by one or more absolute morons. All of us know anger from our childhoods. Some times the anger was justified, but sometimes the anger we received during childhood had little or no cause other than that Dad or Mom had a problem that they thought would get fixed if they applied the Board of Education to the Seat of Knowledge one more time...
How to Help Children Follwing a Disaster
Be Reassurring

Children take their cue from the adults around them. Focus on the realistic steps being taken to protect them and solve the crime. Adults should speak with another adult about their own anxieties and theories.....
Making Marriage Work

Men, seem to be creatures of the moment when it comes to intimacy, and may think a bunch of quickly purchased roses or a dinner at a restaurant will make up for months of neglect. Women, being creatures of memory when it comes to intimacy, are very likely to enjoy the roses and dinner but remind their husband that such things will not make up for hours spent with the remote, with the mouse, with the smart phone or with the guys or at work. The husband is just as likely to remember, but not speak about, comments and conduct that have pushed him away or that indicate his wife is doing single-entry bookkeeping: remembering all of his faults but failing to remember his genuine efforts at intimacy and the times he felt pushed away......

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